Getting Fancy: BPBP’s Trinity

Dublin’s premier gypsy brewer, Brown Paper Bag Project, are really cranking up the pace.  It was only a short while ago that their well-hopped Belgian blonde, Doxie, was launched with a blind Twitter tasting, but last night saw yet another new brew released upon Dublin’s drinking public…and they’re keeping it Belgian.

Trinity is the name of the new kid on the block, and it’s ramping up the fancy-ometer (get those flute glasses at the ready, folks).

Trinity at the Ely IFSC launch

Trinity at the Ely IFSC launch

A 9% ABV Belgian-style Tripel awaits you in the 750ml corked-and-caged bottle, each of which is diligently hand-numbered out of 1200 (this bottling lark is a real labour of love/pain in the arse, eh?). This graceful concoction was brewed at Belgium’s near-enough-unpronounceable ’t Hofbrouwerijke and has been designed with sharing and food-matching in mind. Although they’ll not judge you if you drink it solo with a pack of Doritos.

It pours a lovely bright shade of gold with a clean white head that doesn’t shift in a hurry – it certainly looked the part in the Champagne flutes we were given at the launch last night, put it that way. The nose is subtle and very well-balanced: there’s some fragrant orange and light lemon zest notes, a bit of lightly peppery herbiness, and plenty of deep cereal and grain notes. The taste gives all of the full graininess and doughy notes you’d expect from a Tripel, but there’s plenty of stuff going on here that ups the interest levels. There’s a lovely waxy, slightly pithy orange character at work (which really lifts it nicely), with some more light herby stuff happening. In terms of carbonation and body, it’s nowhere near as full and frothy as many of the other Belgian Tripels on the market, which is a good thing for me, as it’s far more easy-drinking. There’s a slight hint of a hot booze note near the finish, nothing major, but just enough to remind you why you’re drinking it out of a flute glass rather than chugging it by the stein. The finish itself is pretty dry, with some lingering herbs, grains, and the lightest hint of citrus. It’s a well balanced piece of work, that’s for sure, and I’m sure there’s plenty of exploring to be done in terms of what cheeses, meats, and dishes to best pair with it.  

So, another accomplished creation from an Irish brewery whose stock is most certainly on the rise. Trinity’s currently on sale in Dublin pubs L. Mulligan Grocer and W.J. Kavanagh (around eight-and-a-half quid to take away and fifteen to drink in there) and should be in the usual good bottle shops around the city next week…remember, there’s only 1200 of them, so grab one while you can.


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Tech is the day job, but beer's the first love. Clean and hoppy wins the race. Great to have lived in Dublin through the Irish decent beer revolution, now back in the UK plying my trade in the Big Smoke.
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