Pan-European Double IPA blend: as good as it sounds!

So, the first Beermack beer review has arrived: let’s kick off with something that makes you wail and ululate into your empty glass after you drain the last drops of hoppy liquid gold. Yes, Mikkeller & BrewDog’s I Hardcore You is that good. End of review.

photo (10)

If you’re not convinced by the above admittedly half-arsed attempt to do this Double IPA justice, I’ll continue. This DIPA is a blend of two of the best hop-monsters to be released by Scotland’s BrewDog (Hardcore IPA) and Denmark’s gypsy brewer extraordinaire Mikkeller (I Beat You). The blend is then, in BrewDog-esque terms, dry-hopped to shit.

The result of this little experiment is pretty breathtaking. There’s a huge smack of grapefruit, mango, tangerine, sappy pine resin, and heavy caramel in the aroma. The taste brings lip-smacking pithy grapefruit bitterness, oily pine resin, loads of deep orangey notes and, again, a touch of sweet tropical fruit. Hops, hops, and more hops. But don’t worry malt-heads: there’s a shedload of deep semi-sweet caramel malt in there too, which forms a perfect backbone to go someway to balancing out and framing the hop onslaught. Aftertaste is crackingly bitter, with plenty of grapefruit and pine sticking around.

There’s hardly a hint of the substantial 9.5% ABV – only a touch of booze warmth in the back of the throat as it goes down. This is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing: you can drink this all day long. Curse: drinking this all day long causes some odd side effects, like falling over, or setting your house on fire when you fall asleep with thirty rashers of bacon cooking in the pan. You’ve been warned.

I Hardcore You is available in many of Ireland’s better off-licences now, and should cost you around a fiver. Hurry though, quantities are fairly limited!  


About beermack

Tech is the day job, but beer's the first love. Clean and hoppy wins the race. Great to have lived in Dublin through the Irish decent beer revolution, now back in the UK plying my trade in the Big Smoke.
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4 Responses to Pan-European Double IPA blend: as good as it sounds!

  1. andrewinireland says:

    yes, it is good. However I drank it back to back with a very hoppy APA which kicked “I Hardcore You”‘s arse around the kitchen.

  2. beermack says:

    Well well well, interesting stuff here Andrew: which APA was this?

  3. Oisin says:

    What off-licences still have it in stock?

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